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National Gallery of Art Portrait Session with Monica

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and the best way to get through it is with a confidence-boosting photoshoot! For this concept, Monica and I met at the National Gallery of Art, then took some photos across the street outside of the National Archives Museum. Monica followed my advice for two outfits, which I always recommend for more variety in your final gallery.

Even though the amount of time we had at the museum before it closed was not ideal, it felt like a photo challenge that we were both super excited to take on. By the way, if you happen to want photos at this location, be prepared for people to be watching! This is not unlike a lot of other popular D.C. photo locations, but still worth it.

One thing I really loved about this shoot is that I broke out of my editing shell of bright and vibrant colors. Monica trusted my vision for this and she loved that we went for a more filmy, moody look in the end. It just felt right! This is one of my favorite photos from the final gallery that captured that mood:

Thank you, Monica, for picking out such stunning outfits and really embracing the process of posing among the chaos of D.C. crowds. If you are interested in a similar session for yourself, reach out at

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