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About Daniela

As your photographer, you should know that I'll get really excited when we get "the shot" and I am full of posing ideas! That being said, my favorite images are always those in-between moments where natural movement and laughter shine through. Bonus points if there's a dog in the photo.

As for me, I live with my partner, and our precious dog in northern VA but I grew up in Miami, and attended universities in Maryland, and Oregon. Additionally, my family is from Ecuador and I fully embrace that part of my heritage. In fact, I am on a Latin dance team here in the DMV and I work hard to maintain my Spanish fluency. 

I raised money for my first DSLR in hopes of becoming a tween YouTube sensation circa 2013. I got a few hits with my hair-styling content (did not age well) but turns out that just wasn't the path for me. I eventually switched my camera settings from video to photo and here we are! My current business kicked off when I started offering graduation sessions at my university (Go Hop!), and since then I've expanded my portfolio to include family and engagement photography, and weddings. I am constantly reflecting on how lucky I am that I get to do this as a job!

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